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Oil and Gas

The engineering stage is the most significant stage of project execution. In RADCO, our team is doing all engineering activities; either as a stand-alone contract or as part of larger EPC-type contracts in the oil and gas sector.

RADCO provides engineering, construction, and management of upstream oil and gas plant projects, petrochemical, refining plants, pipelines, storage tanks, energy, and industrial projects.
The skills developed from feasibility studies to EPC design and service details (in collaboration with our partners) for onshore and offshore projects.

Oil and Gas

Transfer of technology in the development of oil fields, transfer issues is a top priority of which of the sub-criteria of scientific knowledge and physical technology have the most priorities.
Technology transfer is an important issue that provides the possibility of access and acquisition of technology to use it effectively for the economic development and growth of our country in terms of technology. Technology transfer, from the owner countries of technology and technical knowledge to other countries, is carried out in various forms.

Oil and Gas

In this regard, RADCO, with access to the transfer of advanced technologies and modern technology, is one of the potential companies. The strategy of RADCO is technology transfer in the upstream oil industry (oil field development) with the use of effective conditional models of technology transfer collaboration with our high-qualified experts and our international partners.
Accordingly, the formulation of a technology strategy, which is one of the most important goals of RADCO in every field of industry and especially in the area of the oil industry, In the coming years is targeted more on how to promote technological self-reliance, we can with carefully selected and ensuring easy use and transfer of technology and being appropriate with available technology and local sources can use to be a productive partner for our clients.

Oil and Gas

Our Specialty:

LPG Station
Gas Injection Projects
Renovation of Oil Platforms
Storage and Distribution Station
Storage Tanks for Hydrocarbon Products
Automation (SCADA, DCS, ESD, MPS, etc.)
Refinery and Petrochemical Industries Facilities
Engineering and Construction and Maintenance of Surface Installations

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